About Σ.Ε.Κ.Α.

Σ.Ε.Κ.Α. Victoria is the Justice For Cyprus Co-ordinating Committee (Συντονιστική Επιτροπή Κυπριακού Αγώνα) of Victoria. It was created after the 1974 invasion of Cyprus by Turkey, and its purpose was, and continues to be, to work for a fair and just settlement to the Cyprus Issue. It is comprised of representatives from all the Greek-Cypriot and Greek community organisations of Melbourne and Victoria.

The current President of S.E.K.A. Victoria is Tony Kyriakou.

Other office bearers are:
Vice-President: Dimitris Varnas
General Secretary: Pavlos Andronikos
Assistant Secretary: George Efthymiou
Treasurer: Dimitris Dimitriadis
Assistant Treasurer: Christos Violaris
Webmaster: Pavlos Andronikos

Anyone who wants to be involved in the work of SEKA Victoria can contact us at admin@seka.org.au.